October Writing Theme

Julie’s Creative Writing Space focused upon the word ‘Letting Go’ during the Month of October.

Taking these six images:

Now consider the writing tips, and see if you can pull together a poem or short piece of writing, with a beginning, a middle and an ending based on one or more of these images.

If you give this writing exercise a try. Let me know how you get on in the comments.

Julie’s Draft Flash Fiction Story – Mindful

I found myself connecting all six images, at first, however not with letting go, initially I saw the light. 

It says you are enough, however there is something described underneath that I cannot see, is it a secret? Do I simply trust that I am enough? The word niggles. I want to know what’s underneath? Can I turn the page? Will she let me. She is staring at me.
Does she know what I am thinking? She stands over by the window playing with the decorative lights. It’s not yet Christmas and she is decorating the window. Saying something about chakra and light and how she will help me. Does she have any idea what she is playing with? Who she is playing with? It may look like lights, cosy and illuminating, turning darkness into shadows. But in this house, we should prefer the dark, and never let the shadows in. Should I tell her? If she’s hiding the written word under the page. Maybe, I should keep my thoughts hidden under a veil. It often feels like I am drowning in my own thoughts, I can’t share the truth, because she will think I’m mad. Yet, holding the thoughts and truths in my head, burns my mind, and causes my fingers to clench tight until my fists feel punctured by the pain of constraint. She has no idea.
She is gesturing for me to help her. How can I do that when I am supposed to be writing an essay about being enough? Is it a test? If I oblige to offer help, then she will think I am set for failure. I have given up on the essay. I want to help her, but I don’t know what choice creates the right response. As I say, drowning in twinkly lights and calm waters seems impossible. However, anything is possible with or without the right training. I am not trained for this. I wish I had walked with more people and listened to more of the voices that wander onto the land. I often imagine the fields over yonder to be the sea, a place where I can splash and play, no more drowning. I want to be precarious, adventurous and hear laughter. Why do I never hear laughter here? It is always so very silent, with mumbles and chunters and sighs and grunts. One day, I will reach the water and I will leave this place behind I will walk along a man-made track down to the waters of freedom and I will imagine myself breathing life into the nature that surrounds me. Every day will be summer, no more greys, olive greens and crystals on the windowpane. No more watching the earth die away and leaving only weeds upon which we can wish. Is that enough? Is this enough? I want to turn the page. I want to help her hang the lights. I want to. . . Shhh I must silence my mind. I can see the shadows. I can see the future and there is only one more wish left. What should I wish for? What could I wish for? Will I ever know my own mind?