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If you have found me in the swamp of social media. Hello. Feel free to take a look around at your leisure.

Have you ever wanted to sit down and write a story? Or a poem? Would you like to write a novel? But, you don’t know where to begin?

There are a number of courses available online. I’m not here to re-invent the wheel. However,  I can offer you some useful free writing tools and prompts. This website shares my personal journey and philosophy for practising the Art of Creative Writing. I am currently researching and developing in the Art of Journalling the self into an awareness, with a little help from the Life Labs and Psychologies Magazine. If you choose to follow this website, my blogs may often appear quite random.  I am presently a work in progress and creativity cannot be bound.

I really do appreciate your support for myself as the writer, if you choose to follow. Thank you. I have a routine which presently looks like this:

I share ideas for new Poetry and a Good read review. I choose to write and share a monologue for Life Labs, a life leap self-awareness project and I like to share a theme for the following month. To keep the creative brain matter ticking over.  I like to share the highs and lows of Writing. Feel free to share any highs and lows of your own, in the comments.

I recognise that a lot of stories are shared daily online. Socially media is a busy place. I am not a journalist, simply a Creative who likes to write, sharing ideas and offering free instructions on this website.  This website is a work in continual progress, and I’m happy to be sharing the many developments, for free. I paid a small fortune for my education, and I really want to set it free.

If you would like to share any pieces of your own writing works via this platform, feel free to contact me and say Hello. My themes are generally, Creative Writing, Health, Wellbeing, Life-long Learning, Family life, and Social Lifestyle Choices.  If you would like to learn more about my writing, my blog and self-publishing, feel free to contact me and say Hello.


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