This poem was inspired by: A Child Sleeps written by Carol Ann Duffy

If you think you might be interested in reading a little poetry, then read on. 

Sshhh, she’s sleeping, a whisper

Response, stay quiet, don’t bump

Or thump the time has passed.

Appreciative of moments when

There is little, not even a clap.

Soundly sleeping in the basket.

The knock upon the door, sends

Shivers down the spine, don’t

Knock, no more.


Sshhh, she’s sleeping

Is sound enough to say,

If she is woken after a second

Come what may.

Sleep too long and a late night

Will be part of the task.

For a simple ten minutes is

Enough to free her from her

Tired hate and regroup and get

Ready for an onslaught of

Nursery rhymes and cake.





Now that is how I remember parenting.


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