Dedication in 2015

Every writer has a moment when they need to begin:

Once upon a time a writer needed a pen and paper, then a publishing house. Possibly an editor and an Agent, and more. In the 21st Century I spied that the resources are all available online, and although I knew it would take some serious learning on my part. Thank you to the following in 2015, without you I would have had to find paper and a pen, and more and more.

I wasn’t ready in 2015 to cope with the potential rejection from Literary Agents, I was a fledgling.

  • Thank you to Microsoft for providing a digital resource that makes writing feel more effortless, when in truth, it is just as hard as note-taking and requires practise.
  • Thank you to Twitter and WordPress for giving me the opportunity to set up a platform and practise, practise, practise, in the spare hours that I had over the years, you gave me the tools to be able to develop and evolve with your technology and software.
  • Thank you to Amazon KDP for continually evolving; your guidance in essence teaching and encouraging the self-determined writer to believe in themselves and go for it.

For me this process is not about how many books I will sell, that’s Marketing.

This whole process for One Writer’s Progress, is to fundamentally learn each and every essential skill from writing words, to taking them the print and accepting and appreciating the wealth of resources, skill, time and passion required, to generate so many letters, into words, and sentences; what about paragraphs into pages, to then become the ‘curator of a book’. Wow.

I look forward to the many years and adventures ahead with you.

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